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The Register was established in 1969 and has approximately 600 members. The aim of the Register is to encourage the preservation and maintenance of Vintage Austin motor vehicles designed up to and including 31 December 1939; to obtain and conserve books and historical records relating to such vehicles: and to engage in activities relating to these vehicles. From May 2000 some post-war vehicles whose design features pre-date December 1939 were accepted into the register.

Members are able to purchase a wide range of spares from the Spares Register, and an extensive library enables the archivist to answer questions relating to details of these vehicles.

Vehicle details are held by the Vehicles Register who is able to assist with the dating of vehicles.

The Club sends out a quarterly magazine that is the envy of other clubs both in quality and content. 

Our members enjoy rallies, tours and local meetings which are specifically planned to suit vintage Austin cars.

By becoming a member one will join a like-minded group of people who appreciate and enjoy the intrinsic qualities of the products of ‘Herbert Austin’.


Executive Committee:

Acting President:

Pat Bren                    📧 varpresnz20@gmail.com      📞 027 442 9303  Hawkes Bay

Acting Secretary:

Brigitte Glasson       📧 varsecnz@gmail.com     📞 (03) 357 9039  Christchurch


Ross Vesey                📧 vartreasurernz@gmail.com     📞 (03) 327 0887  Christchurch


Ryan Oliver (Acting Vice President) 

                                   📧 varvicepresnz20@gmail.com     📞 (03) 544 5661  Nelson


Knud Nielsen             📧 knud.nielsen65@gmail.com     📞 021 595 600  Bay of Plenty


Spares Register:

Evan Hamblin       8 Harrall Place, Kaiapoi 7691   📞 (03) 327 5399   📧 varsparesnz@gmail.com

Editor and Website Manager:

Brigitte Glasson   📞 03 357 9039   📧 vareditornz@gmail.com


Ross Vesey            146 Island Road, Kaiapoi 7691   📞 (03) 327 0887

A7CA. Rep:

Judith Stephens   📞  (03) 382 9199   📧   varnzA7CA@gmail.com

Hon. Solicitor:  

Jeremy Glascow, (Glascow Harley – Nelson)

UK A7 Magazine

The UK A7 Magazine is supplied to New Zealanders on a quarterly basis and distributed to subscribers within New Zealand. This magazine has many helpful helpful hints and information to enjoy the reading about Austin’s. Also many stories of the great outings that it run over in England, some worthwhile and interesting articles are published.
The magazine subscription for one year (4 magazines) is $28.00 currently.
If you would like to subscribe to the magazine please contact:

Judith Stephens    📞  (03) 382 9199   📧   varnzA7CA@gmail.com

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